Precision Pressure Formed Radome for the Marine Industry

Precision Pressure Formed RadomeMarine applications present some of the harshest environments for materials of all kinds. This radome assembly would see all of that harshness, fully exposed to salt spray, UV, and a wide range of temperature variations. For these reasons certain material features had to be employed to allow this part to perform. The material selected was a co-extruded sheet that utilized an ABS substrate for durability along with an acrylic cap sheet that provided a smooth high gloss white finish and UV protection. Dimensionally the radome assembly would be 30" in diameter and 30" in height, with wall thicknesses of 0.375" and 0.1875".

Forming of the part required the use of our 3-station pressure forming and vacuum forming equipment. The finished dimensions required tolerances of ±0.005", which was achieved using a 5-axis CNC router, and verified through extensive dimensions and quality control inspections. To learn more about this precision pressure formed ABS project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Precision Pressure Formed Project

Product Description 30" Radome Assembly
Precision Pressure Forming Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Pressure Form (3-Station Rotary Machine)
Vacuum-Form (3-Station Rotary Machine)
5-Axis CNC Router Trim
Assembly Including: fasteners, hardware, decals, gasket, mounting pad, connecting trim strip and bar code ID.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 3-Station Rotary Thermoforming Machine
5-Axis CNC Router
Hydraulic Clicker Press
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: 30"
Height: 30"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.005"
Material Used Co-Extruded ABS with an Acrylic Cap Sheet
Thickness: 0.375" and 0.1875"
Material Finish Smooth, High Gloss White
In process testing/inspection performed Formed Parts are Inspected for Forming Detail, Surface Quality and Color Match. Machined details are Inspected with Calipers, Height Gauge and Go-No Go Gauges.
Volume -
Delivery Time 6 Weeks
Industry for Use Marine Communications
Delivery Location Northern California
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings and 3D CAD Data Files
Product Name Radome Assembly

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