Quality Vacuum Formed Metallic ABS Tanning Bed

Vacuum Formed Metallic ABSOur many years of vacuum and thermoforming experience have allowed us to perfect the manufacture of very large products using innovative material. This project is a perfect example of how we met a customer's custom needs and produced a high quality, durable product.

A manufacturer of tanning beds required multiple plastic parts to function as air flow components and cosmetic covers for their 92" x 40" tanning bed assembly. The material selected for the vacuum formed covers was a tri-extruded sheet with the first layer utilizing an ABS substrate for durability, the second layer using a metallic colored acrylic material and the third layer using a clear acrylic cap sheet that provided a smooth high gloss finish with UV protection. The completed assemblies featured material thicknesses of 0.125" and required machined tolerances of ±0.005". After CNC routing, full inspection and quality verification, the high gloss components where assembled to the customer's specifications and delivered to their facility.

For more information on this quality vacuum formed project, see the table below.

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Highlights of this Quality Vacuum Formed Project

Product DescriptionCommercial Tanning Bed Assembly
Quality Vacuum Forming Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
5 Axis CNC Router Trim
Ultra Sonic Welding
Hardware Installation
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartVacuum Forming Machines
5-Axis CNC Router
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 92"
Width: 40"
Thickness: 0.125"
Tightest Tolerances±0.005"
Material UsedCustom Metallic Tri-Extruded ABS/Acrylic Color/Clear Acrylic Sheet
Material FinishSmooth, High Gloss
In process testing/inspection performedFormed Parts Are Checked for Forming Detail, Surface Quality and Color Match. Trimmed Parts Are Checked for Proper Fit, Alignment and Dimensional Accuracy.
Volume1,000 per year
Lead Time6 weeks
Industry for UseTanning Industry
Delivery LocationNorthern California
Product NameTanning Bed Assembly

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