Golden Plastics Corp.'s Thermoforming Process

Golden Plastics Corp. is a high quality provider of products and services. The products that we provide are custom formed parts that by nature vary from simple to complex and from a single part to a multi part assembly. The process by which your project comes to life is outlined below.

Initial Project Review

The first step in any thermoforming project is to determine if thermoforming is the right process for your application.

Information Gathering

The information that is gathered here helps to determine the extent of your project and your design intent. This information will determine which forming process to use, what type of tooling to use and which material is best suited to meet the required properties of your finished part.

Material Selection

Golden Plastics works together with custom plastic sheet extruders to provide our customers with the right material to meet your specifications.


After determining that the project is right for the process and gathering all the pertinent information, we will generate a quote for your approval.

Part Design

Part Design: We can work from existing parts, sketches, drawings, CAD files, or solid models. Our experienced design personnel can assist you throughout the design stage.


Golden Plastics uses Solid Works solid modeling program to design the forming molds. We do in house tooling for prototype molds and epoxy tooling. Aluminum molds are outsourced to the appropriate mold makers.

Forming Process

Once the mold is built, a first article part is formed. Then a CNC trim path file is generated and the first article part is trimmed on one of our CNC routers. This first article part is inspected for dimensional accuracy, form, function, fit and overall appearance. Upon customer approval, a production run can then begin.

Part Trimming

Golden Plastics uses 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers to trim most our formed parts.

Assembly and Secondary Operations

Golden Plastics secondary and assembly operations include ultra sonic spot welding, bonding, gluing, fastening, decorating, labeling, bar coding and painting.

Inspection and Quality Control

Quality control begins when the material for your project arrives and continues thru the forming process, trim process, assembly and packaging. Material and parts are inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Golden Plastics can customize an individual part specific inspection routine with documentation per your needs.


Once the parts are complete, they are packaged for delivery. Local deliveries are usually made in one of our trucks. "Just in Time" delivery service is also available.

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